The UPAN and Hellers

The UPAN and Hellers

Whats the Connection?

When we started out on our journey, the Hellers "Country Pork" was our go to sausage at the supermarket, so when we were designing the original BBQ insert it was what we base the channel design on and the when we made UPAN prototype the size of the UPAN was determined by the Hellers "Country Pork" Sausage.
When showing the UPAN to an old friend, New Zealand being New Zealand he said he new Brydon Heller. So after a few emails we flew down to Christchurch and meet up.

The photos shown here are from our first meeting and you can see two of the prototypes on the electric hob. 

Since that meeting we have stayed in touch and Hellers have been using a UPAN prototype and several foundry samples in there test kitchen. 

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