The World's First Cast Iron Sausage Pan

The UPANs® patented design sears the curved sausage surface and provides a whole heat for even cooking.

  • Single Piece Casting

    Designed for a lifetime of use, the UPAN® can be used on all heat sources and for all cooking styles.

  • Unique Channel Design

    The UPANs® curved channel design works in two stages. Searing the sausage so the sausage curve develops, then straightening the sausage when turned.

  • PTFE Free

    Chemical free non-stick surface. The UPAN® is seasoned with flaxseed oil and heated to 800 °C.

Smart Simple Design

The UPANs® patented design has been acheived by using the latest in foundry technology. Resulting is a simple compact design built to engineering standards.


What the Industry is Saying

  • “Our product development team get a lot of use out of the UPAN, it gets a hammering and it’s always ready to go. We are happy to recommend this product”
    Brydon Heller
    Hellers NZ

  • “Its all about the Brownage”
    Myron Stoltzfus
    Stoltzfus Meats

  • “The UPAN has proven to be very popular with the customers, we get great feedback.We are proud to be the first retailer of the UPAN in the USA”
    Scott Kent
    Costanza Sausage NY

The Great New Zealand Sausage Competition

“We used the UPANs to cook the competition sausages for the judging of the Great New Zealand Sausage Competition. Our chefs loved using them.”
- Megan Claxton RMNZ


More details about the UPANs® patented design.


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