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Getting the best from your UPAN

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UPAN 101

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Get the best out of your Cast Iron Cookware

“Our product development team get a lot of use out of the UPAN, it gets a hammering and it’s always ready to go. We are happy to recommend this product”

Brydon Heller

Marketing Manager – Hellers Ltd NZ

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Will the UPAN work on Induction Hobs ?
The UPAN is 100% Cast Iron so it is ideal for an Induction Hob​
Can the UPAN be used in the Oven ?
The 100% Natural Flaxseed Oil coating has been Factory Baked to 800°c so it can be used in the Oven and on the BBQ​
What happens if I damage the surface ?
The UPAN has been Pre-Seasoned with a 100% Natural Flaxseed Oil coating. If the coating is damaged the UPAN can easily be seasoned again
Is the UPAN PFAS Free ?
The UPAN has a 100% Natural Flaxseed Oil Coating and no PFAS
Is the UPAN Lead and Aluminium Free ?
The UPAN is 100% Cast Iron, Zero Lead, Zero Aluminium
Is the Packaging Recyclable ?
The UPAN comes in a Recyclable Brown Cardboard Box