Crisp Bacon Wraps

Crisp Bacon Wraps

Crisp Bacon Wraps

Using the UPAN for bacon wraps will give you crisp bacon and cook the vegetables to tender perfection. The whole heat design of the cast iron pan will render any fat in the bacon out giving you a crisp contrasting texture between the bacon and the vegetables.



Middle Bacon (strip bacon). 
With the middle bacon you are looking for is fresh with a medium fat content.



Dipping Sauce

2 Tbsp of dark soya sauce
1 Tbsp of Tamari (wheat free soy sauce)
½ Tbsp of white wine vinegar or lemon juice 
½ tsp ground ginger
½ Tbsp tahini


bacon wraps



Carrots, peel the carrots, cut to quarters and trim as required to fit the UPAN
Celery, use the center yellow storks to avoid strings then cut and trim to match the carrots
Asparagus, clean and cut to length
Jalapenos, clean cut lengthwise and remove the seeds 
Broccolini, clean and cut to length, if the heads are to bushy cut lengthwise and flip the end of one piece to even them out 

Wrap technique

  1. Line up and match up all the vegetables as you require.
  2. Hold the vegetable bunched in one hand and drap the start of the bacon over the end. Wrap it  around tight enough to lock onto the start but not too tight otherwise once the bacon is in the UPAN it will contract unwrap.
  3. Stretching the bacon as wide as you can wrap it around the vegetable up the full length of the bunch. If done correctly you will only need one strip of bacon. The stretched bacon will contract and hold the vegetables together

Set the UPAN on a minimum heat, add butter or lard and brush the surfaces.

Place the wraps length wise in the UPAN, once the bacon begins to contract, turn the wraps as required to achieve even crisp bacon.

Once done, leave to drain across the channels while you cook the next batch.

Dipping Sauce

Place the ground ginger in the bowl and add the lemon juice or vinegar a little at time to make a paste, then add the tahini, tamari and soy sauce. Mix and leave to rest for 30 minutes


With the middle bacon you are looking for fresh with a medium fat content This is so you can stretch the bacon wide as you wrap the vegetables

Whenever you are using the UPAN for cooking items other than sausages it should always be on a minimum heat. Otherwise it may overheat and damage the seasoned cast iron surface.

If you do damage the surface click here  *How to re-season you pan

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