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UPAN The Cast Iron Sausage Fry Pan

The unique design of the UPAN straightens the sausages when placed in the pan.
The cast iron then provides a whole heat that cooks the sausages evenly all the way through, giving you flavour-filled sausages with crisp brown skins all the way around.
The UPAN works on all cooking surfaces,
  • Electric Solid Hobs
  • Radiant Ring Elements
  • Gas
  • Induction
  • Ceramic
Its single piece cast iron construction means it can also be used
  • In an Oven
  • On a BBQ
  • Over an Open Fire

The UPAN is only available  in Australia online

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New Zealand

  • Main Centres 1-2 Business Days
  • Rural Delivery 1-3 Business Days

UPANs are in stock and all deliveries are dispatched 7.30am NZT Mon-Sat