Frequently asked questions

How long will it take for me  to cook sausages in a UPAN?

The UPAN takes between 9-10 minutes to cook the sausages fully

Meatballs 12-15 minutes

Toad in the Hole 17-20 minutes

Bacon 8 - 12 minutes depending on crispness

How many sausages can I cook in a UPAN?

8 x 5" machine linked (supermarket) sausages, 2 in each channel

6 x hand linked sausages, 1 in each channel and one in each end

4 x Kielbasas, 1 in each channel

20 x Meatballs

What are the UPANs dimensions?

The dimensions are 6.7” x 9.2” (170mm x 233mm)

Including the handle 4.5” x 9.2” (370mm x 233mm)

The usable surface area is 8.1” x 10.5” (205mm x 268mm)

The weight is 5.9 lbs (2.7kgs)

Scroll down to see a the dimensions drawings

What is a seasoned cast iron coating and what happens if it gets damaged?

The UPAN is seasoned with 100% flaxseed oil that is then baked to 1472°F (800°C) 

This bonds the flax seed oil to the cast iron and form a natural non-stick coating free of PFAS (poly-fluoroalkyl substances)

Are the UPAN packaging and shipping cartons recyclable?

All our packaging is brown paper based and the shipping cartons are made specifically for the UPAN to minimise waste

After cooking sausages in the UPAN what else can I cook in it?

The design of the UPAN concentrates the heat to a central point. Which makes it ideal for cooking bacon and the curved surface will allow you to sear meatballs evenly all the way around. 

What are the shipping times?

All orders are processed 9.00 am PST Mon-Fri

Orders are dispatched from Chatsworth CA

We use UPS® for the following Zones

Continental US - UPS® Ground

Hawaii Alaska and Puerto Rico - UPS® 3 Day

Air Armed Forces - UPS® International

Can I use the UPAN on my induction hob ?

The UPAN is solid cast iron and works well on induction hobs as well as 

  • Solid electric hobs
  • Radiant ring elements
  • Gas burners
  • Ceramic cooktops
Its single piece cast iron construction means it can also be used
  • In an oven
  • On a BBQ

    Design and Dimensions

    Surface Area

    While the UPAN may measure smaller than a traditional cast iron fry pan, the efficient use of surface area is the key to its success. Its usable surface area is the true indicator of its actual size.

    Design Measurements

    The UPAN had been designed and manufactured using the latest in foundry equipment.

    All casting and within 1/64” of original spec, this delivers 90° right angle curved corners, parallel channels and a pan that sit flat and doesn't rock.