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About Us 1

Who we are

U Design is a New Zealand based company run by Jeremy and Anna they are an Engineer and a Project Manager who enjoy good food.

Why we made the UPAN

A few years ago, we were at a family BBQ and saw the weekly summer tradition of undercooking, over cooking and then charring of a large range of sausages.
Following that fateful weekend, we set about addressing the uneven cooking of a sausage that a plate BBQ gives, this resulted in the 8mm Grill.
While this worked well on the BBQ in the summer, when the winter came the 8mm Grill ended up in the kitchen being used across two elements. At this point we decided to begin the process of designing a pan, that can be used both inside, on the stove top or outside, on the BBQ.
The end product, the UPAN is the result of 4.5 years work of designing, prototyping and finding a company that can manufacture the pan up to a standard that we are happy to put our name to.

How the UPAN works

The UPAN has been designed to address the 2 main issues that you’re faced with when cooking sausages, that sausages are round, and that natural case sausages will curve while cooking.
The U shape design means that as soon as the sausage is placed in the pan it will immediately begin to evenly cook half of sausage.
Once the sausage begins to cook it will start to curve, if you then turn the sausage so the curved side is down, that side will begin to cook and contract, straitening the sausage, allowing for even cooking all the way round. 

The UPAN and Hellers

 Brydon Heller and team check the core temperture
Thumbs Up from Hellers
Kaiapoi Test Kitchen

Whats the Connection?

When we started out on our journey, the Hellers "Country Pork" was our go to sausage at the supermarket, so when we were designing the original BBQ insert it was what we base the channel design on and the when we made UPAN prototype the size of the UPAN was determined by the Hellers "Country Pork" Sausage.
When showing the UPAN to an old friend, New Zealand being New Zealand he said he new Brydon Heller. So after a few emails we flew down to Christchurch and meet up.

The photos shown here are from our first meeting and you can see two of the prototypes on the electric hob. 

Since that meeting we have stayed in touch and Hellers have been using a UPAN prototype and several foundry samples in there test kitchen.